Deaf Ears?

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The Germans made it  clear that they were both willing and able to kick Greece out of the euro, even if the Greeks themselves wanted to stay in.

Query: How did Germany get all this power?

Answer: Germany was divided when the the original EU was founded in the 1950s .

Founding premises and ideals  did not take a United Germany into account.

Now that’s what we’ve got. And let’s see it in action.

Angela Merkel and her finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, have been accused of blackmailing Athens and of deliberately trying to split the EU.

Germany (the EU)  has now reached the absolute limits of how far it can violate the will of the people.


Greece has said NO, and it will say NO again. Sooner or later.

It doesn’t matter what Tsipras agreed to in the early hours of Monday morning, because there’s  no way that Greece is going to be able to actually deliver on those promises.

And there may be no the EU can deliver on theirs.

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Meanwhile back in Westminster Mhairi Black SNP tells us about life in the UK

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And in NI we have




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