The Sash Somebody’s Forefather Wore!!

mo farah

It might even have been Mo Farah’s!!

For the day that’s in it !  The 12th  Song  

Query: What was really going on in 1690?


Comment: This and nothing but this ever since.Red hand. Crown, Ulster banner . Nothing and nobody else.

The next version is for  Scottish Nationalists

Comment: What a rag the Sash is!!


Here’s the full-blown  nostalgia version, shades of MASH and the Vietman war

And this is a modern Techno version

Query: Is there no end to this torture?

Answer: No never! No Surrender!


Fast tempo Sash coming up!

Comment: Would like to see the Orangemen keeping up with this  version – parades would be over in 5 minutes!!

All 4,000+ of them!!

Instead this what we can expect tomorrow

Comments: Need new music masters – drums predominate!!

Intimidation Rules OK!!

And just in case you doubt who’s boss  . . .

Notice how “The Minstrel Boy ” merges into “The Sash”


Comment: If you’ve stuck with me  so far and  you’re sick of  the tired old ditty – spare a thought for the people of NI  

No respite for them after 200+ years of intimidation and having it forced upon them!


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