northern ireland – r glory us twalf (our glorious 12th)

 The Mirror drags itself away from reflecting the thrills of Greek and European politics and  the struggles of the SNP as it moves towards independence for Scotland.



We wrote about “The Twelfth” non-stop last year, and the year before but here we go again

same old


  here’s what’s happening in the  backstreets of East, East, East Belfast,  as Loyalists prepare to celebrate “there glory us Twelfth”


East Belfast bonfire: Families moved and homes boarded due to safety concerns

Residents have told how they fear being burned alive in their beds by a towering East Belfast bonfire.

More than 50 homes in Chobham Street were today boarded up by Housing Executive workers ahead of the July 11 bonfire.

And it has emerged about 700 more pallets are ready to be placed on the mighty pyre despite desperate pleas for bonfire builders to scale down or move the structure.





Comment: In a land where nobody owns the wasteland, the bonefire klacter (bonfire collector)  is Queen.

same old

Comment: Here follows an Orange Order Party Political broadcast in Oolster-Scatz

Quite right so he is, We pradestands have to saffer to be layal – what’s a few house iz an a few days wee haliday when it’s the Glorious Twalf?

Yiz can enjar ar bone-fire en cum bek hame ta nahim. So wat? Do yiz begrudge danating yon house iz fur ar kkkulchir?

PS them wuden windy and dur panels from the coonsil  ‘ll burn bravely



The speaker is quite right. Ulster Protestants  have to suffer for their  Loyalty. Should a few houses and people evacuated on a short holiday come between us and out glorious 12th July? Residents can enjoy our bonfire and come back home to nothing.So what? Do you begrudge donating your houses for our culture?

PS. those wooden window and door panels from Belfast Council will burn very well indeed. 

swastika in ni

Comment: Footage of an Orange Order meeting.

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