The Greeks did it!!


Thanks from all of us in the rest of Europe

Whatever happens next – whatever the counter-initiatives – we all know Greece showed the rest of the world that

Democracy lives on!

tsipras  alexis

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras,   can now loudly proclain he is not a branch manager for the European Central Bank and Goldman Sachs.

He stands for a  Europe for the peoples of Europe

From now on the European elites  no longer get away with

abolition of politics


the abolition of politics,

het team


rule by bureaucrats,



bankers, and



various kinds of unelected expert.

The Gods of the Markets never believed it would happen

David Joy, the Boston-based chief market strategist at Ameriprise Financial Inc. has said the ‘No’ vote could cause chaos:

The market right now hasn’t priced in a potential ‘no’ vote.

“If we get one, we’re going to see another round of downside volatility in excess of what we saw on Monday.

The move would be more violent”.



PS  Eurozone finance ministers are not planning on an emergency meeting tomorrow.

One official has told Reuters:

No way. [The ministers] would not know what to discuss”.


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