Bonfire Arson!!!

Bonfire arson ‘attack on Protestant culture’

drunk 11th night

Queries :How does burning a bonfire become arson?

When’s it arson and when’s it “Protestant culture?

Is it something to do with an interstellar timeline?


interstellar timeline2


So who did it?And who might arson other bonfires ahead of their predetermined time?


1) The Confession



2) The Accused:

a) Rival Bonfire builders in Bonfire Feud!!

About 70-100 teenagers keeping an eye on the bonfire, to protect it, had just left the scene when it was targeted at around 9.30am.

NB They do night watches  to stop 11th Night bonfires  being lit early

Residents in Loyalist enclave, Sandy Row, Belfast expressed their views.

It’s disgusting.They are jealous of it because it was the biggest one.”

What can you say,” one man said “Sandy Row do it best.”

Supporting evidence:


b) A false flag attack

Loyalists arson   their own fires to cause trouble

finger pointing

with the finger being pointed at the Republican community

Query: why would they do that?


no flrgs


c) Republicans/Nationalists

LOYALISTS  blame nationalists for setting fire to a huge Eleventh Night bonfire near Belfast city centre.


Jamie Bryson claimed “republican thugs” were responsible for setting the pyre on Sandy Row alight.

on other hand 2

Republicans would not risk going into the Sandy Row

All the fires are in the middle of Loyalist  East Belfast, Bangor, Lisburn  which are not not easily accessible by Republicans

Republicans/nationalists  would not be bothered

Why now? Why not last year or all the years before?  Its not logical


3) The Denial:


4) The Blame Game


burned our bobfires


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