Loyal Bands Of Ulster March Into The Future

You may remember the Parades Commission ordered that

*only  Orangemen and their 13 notified bands can march past St Patrick’s Church on Donegall Street in north Belfast.

*They must do so to the sound of a single drum beat.

*All music must stop 43 metres away from the church so there is no music within earshot of it.

This is what happened


Did you notice that

*Bands seem to compete to see which  could play the most sectarian tune  loudest once past the 43 metre cut-off

*There were more Band members  than Orange Order marchers

* Women were vociferous supporters

Important Info:

The Orangemen hire these bands to march with them. The bands have a reputation as being less respectable than the Orangemen, although they are seen by many as serving the useful purpose of keeping young men from working class areas out of trouble

Way Forward?

Make the Bands offers they can’t refuse

* An exclusive Summer band festival

* Re-use traditional Park bandstands for concerts

*  Band uniform fashion parades, competitions for best repertoire, renderings, mace twirler ,  flautist, drummer and so on

*Prizes: Awards,  Medals, Cups,  Visits and study experience with other municipal and real military bands, Music Scholarships and  career training for  talented young bandsmen/women

*Top their Orange fee as long as they participate only in the Festival

Sit back and watch the Orangemen march alone in silence!


PS This proposal is also valid for Scotland!

Imagine the money to be made with an Ulster-Scotland’s Got Band Talent Show!!!






2 thoughts on “Loyal Bands Of Ulster March Into The Future

  1. Welcome to the site Pastorjack and thank you for your comment.
    They may well be offensive – If you read this post I think we can agree they have been offending local people for over 140 years https://eurofree3.wordpress.com/2014/03/08/tale-of-a-blue-plaque-and-two-statues-presbyterianism-and-sectarianism-in-belfast/
    I don’t understand your question. Over the historical period since the founding of the orange order you will find well over 3,500 men women and children were killed, burnt out of their homes etc by Unionists/Loyalists
    Please have a look at https://eurofree3.wordpress.com/2013/12/29/hallmarks-of-orange-loyalism-then-1795-and-now-then-2013/
    i am not by no means suggesting that the Bandsmen playing in the Tour of the north were in any way implicated in any of these activities.
    how would you feel if Stormont Assembly instituted a band festival such as suggested to detach the bands from such a brutal sectarian image and help the young band members enhance their musical talent to the max?


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