Austerity Watch

We saw the Greek Parliament’s point of view yesterday about austerity.

Here’s some evidence from elsewhere in Europe in support of their stance

Peoples Tribunal Hearing on EU Economic Governance and the Troika

The main conclusions of the Tribunal Hearing were:

* The legacy and ongoing impact of the crisis is one of

a) impoverishment of millions of people,

b) social deprivation, and

c) deteriorating quality of life of the majority, including the middle classes–

aggravated significantly by the policies of the European Union.
* These policies were not necessary,

* They were driven by neoliberal prescriptions and particular economic interests in society
* The implementation of these policies lacks democratic legitimacy
* They violate international and European human rights obligations

Earlier this month 26 of the world’s most renowned economic minds proclaimed their solidarity with Syriza, Greece’s ruling anti-austerity party.

Together with others Joseph Stiglitz, Thomas Piketty, Marcus Miller and former Prime Minister of Italy Massimo D’Alema—summarized their message as a

plea for economic sanity and humanity.” 

“How Greece is treated will send a message to all its eurozone partners.

Like the Marshall plan, let it be one of hope not despair”.

hopeno matter how hopeless

Hope Over Fear!!




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