This dysfunctional UK “family of nations” !

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bella caledonia

Alba Scotia, sister to Eire Ireland,  may well soon  trigger the next break-up of the UK family of nations!!

Held under the iron grip,  power and personality of

uk britain

retired Empire builder Mr UK Britain, whose word is law and whose myths have achieved reality  status,   this dysfunctional  “family of nations”  wreaks havoc on its members.


Ms Eire Ireland, who divorced Mr Britain after exiting an abusive relationship,  now lives independently

Miss GFA Ulster

Uncontrollable, wild-child of their Union,  Miss GFA Northern Ireland, is  still incapable of passing her driving test

and shows no sign of being able to manage her own affairs.

Profoundly alienated from normality,

miss Ulster

part of her schizoid personality  is now proposing a “phantom budget

Chief Nurse, lovely Theresa Villiers ,




appears to be seconding her delusions!

Comment: Ms Villiers always works to   safeguard Mr UK Britain’s interests


bella caledonia

Alba Scotia  is gutted by indecision, regrets, broken promises and deception.

September 2014: In response to Mr Britain’s pleas and vows he would  give her almost a free hand to govern her natural inheritance,   she agreed to remain within the family.

May 2015: Alba Scotia sacked all but 3 of  Mr UK Britain’s servants  in her domain and did her utmost to dislodge the last 3.

westminster parl

At a recent board meeting of “the firm”  – as some call family share-holders –  she expressed her disappointment that nothing had so far been agreed about her new status within “the family

Alba Scotia  was informed that not having control of her own finances “was in her own best interests and there was no guarantee she could call her house  her own”

How will she react?


Will she walk out and   join her sister Eire Ireland in living independently?

Will she  acquiesce to  forceful Mr UK Britain, who has  grabbed and holds on to her natural inheritance?

Will Mr UK Britain with his

iron fist

agree to   a peaceful settlement or an  acrimonious separation?

bella caledonia

Remember: Democracy, in Westminster terms, is on Mr UK Britain’s side. He can say no or yes or, in reality, anything he wishes.




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