Unionist Rules Exam time – Essay time


student during exams

For all students everywhere, at this time of year

For everyone  embroiled in the  search for justice

For everyone who thinks there’s method to the madness of the never ending circuit of the law courts and pointless mediocre ad hoc organs like the HET or its successor

Question 1: Discuss the grinding round and down of the Westminster millstone on Irish National expectations



Premise:  Democracy, in Westminster terms, is on their side. They can say no or yes or, in reality, anything they wish.

Answer: parag 1 – state the obvious –

fail exam

Legislators in Britain  closely associate their interests with organised, vested interests of government. This has always been a fundamental deep-seated, part of the political values of Westminster and  has a special place in the hearts of British legislators.

Government is  much easier when it accommodates influential organised interests, as opposed to “ the people “ who are unheard, unorganised and easily exploited.

The contradiction between what the British establishment holds dear and what the Irish want – in terms of  redress and justice  –   lies (and has always lain)  at the heart of the problem. Accidentalism or the one ‘bad-egg’ hypothesis, which is  beloved of Westminster, cannot  excuse the failures of British vested interests in NI.


In fact, Irish nationalists/Republicans and ordinary decent citizens, who were in the wrong place at the wrong time and thus are victims,  pay a heavy price for that attitude.

They fail to get justice due to a brick wall of British government obscurification as it keeps spinning the muddy waters, pretending to be listening, but never actually delivering.

For example David Cameron and senior members of the British army apologised  for Bloody Sunday  or the Finucane assassination but  refuse to take the next logical step and bring those responsible for these killings before a court of law.

Furthermore, the clandestine activities of British Intelligence remain beyond effective scrutiny. Information regarding the Glenanne gang, Stakeknife,  Dublin-Monaghan, the Stevens and Stalker-Sampson reports and more, has been swept under the carpet.

Britain’s record in Ireland is suitably cleansed – for the British and Unionist establishment

Parag 2 – state the consequences I

for example

One  pernicious effect of these values and attitudes in Westminster is the warm-glow of respect afforded to Unionist bodies by for example the press and media in Britain. It feeds an erroneous but pious sense of complacent British moral security.

They  demonise the Republic of Ireland and they  blame NI Republicans and Nationalists for being a continued drain on British resources.

To complicate the issue, besides  complacent moral superiority a guilt factor underlines the insatiable demands of “sack-cloth and ashes” from the NI  Unionist population. Since every communication is perceived as symmetric (for or against/good vs. bad etc.),  NI Unionist institutions or organisations communicate via “guilt” and are locked into  a “guilt-loop”.

Nationalists/Republicans  buy into this “guilt loop” when they preface thoughts and feelings  with something like “I don’t support Republican violence/ the IRA/ Sinn Fein  but . . . .”

This is what Scottish nationalists call “the cringe factor”

cringe factor

On the other hand, please remember the Nationalist/Republican sector of the NI population   was  held in contempt by Unionists and UK media  before  the “Troubles” .

And it still is.

Unionists dump their losses, liabilities and bad ‘assets’ on to it, leaving it  with the whole unpaid bill. For example former IRA members,


some of whom are OAPs today are brought before the courts for alleged crimes going back decades.


Others are silenced for citing thoughts from Republican orations of over 40 years ago.

Parag 3 – state the  Consequences II


The actions of the Unionist parties over the past 20-odd years have ensured they’ve given the least amount of shared power possible to NI.

And they’ve given it grudgingly, with immense ill-will, and hedged about with caveats, booby traps and restrictions.

Which exposes the Westminster British and NI Unionist establishment for what they are.  Reactionary institutions which have long passed their sell-by date and which have no place in a modern democracy worthy of the name.

Their real attitude to democracy is that it’s wonderful when it all goes their way, but as soon as one group of people in the great ‘Union’ decide on something that doesn’t suit the élite, they show their real selves.

Many of them “wish for a country which is simply not there any more” and are obsessed with demonising  SF (and indeed the SNP) with spin and smear tactics at every opportunity so as to  deter and neglect  anything positive or progressive

Parag 4 – Discussion


Unionist thinking  needs to  step out of its own limiting preconceptions.  Let’s leave aside  the  fact that NI,  the province they have governed for decades,  has always been a helpless basket-case.

It can’t solve any of its problems without running to the Republic of Ireland, the USA or  the EU.

More important is that the Unionist parties offer no way out of this cycle of despair and circle of hell. They have no small ideas, never mind big ones. There are no dreams, no plans, no proposals, not even a suggestion.

Unionism’s gross failure of imagination was fully recognised  with  its reaction to the NICRA which opened the door to violence. NICRA offered Unionism the opportunity to re-envisage its “Britishness”  but was  glibly dismissed with conspiracy theories about the need to resist NICRA as a Republican (or Communist) plot.

NI Unionists  are also culpable for the constitutional mess in the UK dragging on instead of being finally resolved. They do this by  insisting that celebrating  Orange “culture”, which they produce and generate,

bonfire fuck

is being “British”  while  refusing to admit that  being “Unionist” is about keeping Ireland disunited and maintaining an Orange Order power base.

orange sash dress uniform

For example, when was “The Sash My father Wore” ever a rational justification of anything?

Parag 5 – Conclusions


But what happens when a Unionist/ Loyalist  allows  ‘I’m an Ulsterman’, “I’m an OrangemanI’m a Unionist’, ‘I’m British

to   replace or rank higher than

I’m a father’,  ‘I’m your friend’, ‘I’m your neighbour

Are these choices  based on someone else’s arcane and facile definitions of who he is?

Do they prevent  him  from genuinely considering the relevance of these choices to his life, and the lives of those around him?

the horror

Recommendation: Continue to vote DUP  until you learn to think for yourself.

warning mass confusion


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