Grand Orange Lodgers Go Round in Circles

Today we’re back to the issue of the  Irish National Flag flying over Stormont


After 7 detectives on the job for 7 days and 7 nights,

the Orange Order issued a statement:

“The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland  . .. .

Comment: Excuse me!!! The Grand Orange Lodgers of Ireland??? isn’t this Britain?Why are the Irish Orange Lodgers   interfering?

have condemned the recent flying of an Irish tricolour at Stormont“.


Comment: Can we  presume the Grand Orange Lodgers of Ireland  condemn   burning the Irish tricolour on the 11th night ? It is a political statement which could offend “brethren”, isn’t it? If no condenmation, why not?

it clearly went against the democratic wishes of the majority pro-Union community in this Province“.

Comment: We’re all minorities now!!


The Grand Orange Lodgers of Ireland don’t do  homework.

Has no Grand Orange Lodger read the latest UK census?

Not a bit of wonder they constitute the generation that fails exams in Ulster


orange ledgers


“senior republican refuses to tolerate a six minute Orange parade along the Crumlin Road in his own constituency“.

Comment: nice soundbite – no connection to reality like so many of the Grand Orange Lodger’s  statements

bullshit detected

To compare like with like


* 1) the Irish National Flag would need to spend 6/ 10 minutes singing and playing sectarian songs, interrupting traffic and being accompanied by  thousands of drunk Orangemen  throwing stones, rioting and attacking police, intimidating  residents

* 2) Then it would have to do the same thing every year, because it has always done it. It’s a traditional flag flying thing or as the Orange Lodger calls it  ‘kultural expression

* 3) And it would have to do all these things   do it in  practically every town in “”ar wee pravince”.

* 4) And   cost £40k a day to police


Query: Will the Grand Orange Lodger  be issuing statements every time Union Flag is used in a very political and wholly inappropriate manner?

st pats

Comment: Quite frankly, our Grand Orange Lodger is 

beyond backsliding

He didn’t  mention

the crown

loyalty to the crown,

sectarian graffitti

or a Pradestent backlash


and descent into civil war .


warning mass confusion


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