“Keep Calm, we’re up to our knees in Fenian blood”.


The Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland, or Loyal Orange Institution of Scotland, is the Scottish  branch of the Orange Order. It claims about 50,000 members, the vast majority of whom are working-class Protestants.  Protestant only, it defends/promotes Protestantism, Conservatism  and Unionism.

It  campaigns against Scottish independence . Its headquarters  are in Glasgow.

The Orangefest in Glasgow was allegedly facilitated by Glasgow dominated Labour Council in return for Orange votes

labour glasgow strange bedfellows

The petition against yesterday’s Orangefest in Glasgow reached  30,000 signatures

what part no


It stated: “The people of Glasgow and Scotland are sick of their voices going unheard in relation to sectarian, hate-filled Orange marches. Now we have to put up with Orangefest.

“We demand that GCC [Glasgow City Council] answer to the people of Glasgow as to why this was allowed to go ahead in a city-centre location on a busy Saturday.”

letter writing2
Julie Philp,  the lady who started the petition last Tuesday , received death threats and  has been forced to delete her Facebook and Twitter accounts . She  says that her elderly parents and siblings have also been the victims of abuse.

Orange Order Marches

Everyone is entitled to his/her beliefs. But to celebrate them in this manner???

The Orange Order is an anti-Catholic organization, which is by its very essence, not inclusive. It’s an in-group sharing their negative views of the “other”, the out-group. As such, I cannot see this in a positive light, no matter how pretty a picture one tries to paint.

An in-group will always share love and warmth to one another, they believe they are something special, something superior to those in the out-group.
The out-group can neverbe their equal. They are inherently beneath them.

For both NI and Scotland we need to look at the constitution of the Orange Order. We need to look at the routes taken, the council resources poured into allowing this to happen. We need to look at the damage done. On all levels. And then we need to weigh up whether this is REALLY an ok way to celebrate them. Many other organisations that attempt to supress groups of people would NEVER be allowed to carry out a public event to such a degree.


Anyway, back in Glasgow

glasgow orangefest2

No Attender rather than No Surender

The Orange Fest in Glasgow yesterday  turned in to the Rain Fest .

Driving winds and rain meant large marquees had to be ditched. Only 150 or so turned up .No sign of the 2000 promised by the organizers.  You can read all about it here


1,000 flowers


other refs








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