The orangey bit in the middle

great piece Paul – so many of your observations  about the Orange Order refer not only to Scotland but also to Northern Ireland.

The Loyal (to what??)  Orders constitute  a pseudo-military, power-hungry organisation

The Mirror has posted so many times about the nefarious influence of the Orange Order on local politics and society –

Pity no one in Northern Ireland is prepared to stand up and be counted like the 21,000 + Glasgow citizens who declare

the people of Glasgow say ‘No More!’

The people of Glasgow and Scotland are sick of their voices going unheard in relation to sectarian, hate filled orange marches. Now we have to put up with Orangefest.

Furthermore as one of your commenters asked:

Why does the orange order still exist?

Since when has ‘the sash my father wore’ been a good reason/excuse for anything?

Like many other people s/he and I are still waiting for an answer!

Wee Ginger Dug

There’s an OrangeFest going on today, that will be Rebekka Wade celebrating her ex-boyfriend’s perjury trial collapsing. However when I first heard that there was to be an OrangeFest in George Square in June to celebrate an old Glasgow tradition, I thought “oh good, that sounds fun.” Just imagine, the entire square being taken over to celebrate getting a fake tan before spending a fortnight on the beach in Benidorm. The Square would be full of tanning booths and women with big hair and false eyelashes, and gay men of a certain age clutching copies of celebrity gossip magazines and bitching about Caitlyn Jenner and photo-shopping, but apparently I was mistaken.

It’s not going to be that sort of OrangeFest, the sort that could be fun for all the family, even though it’s bad for your skin and you’d be likely to end up with some seriously over the top…

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