Irish Flag flies over Stormont


For the first time ever – together with the Proclamation Flag of the Irish Republic




Hysterical and  enraged Unionists scream –

provocative”  –

calculated to “cause offence”-

rogue actions“-

PSNI engaged in hunt for Union saboteurs –

“who had access to the flag poles?”

Comment: The world didn’t end.

Surely this deserves a smile and a  like?


UPDATES – 9th June 2015 

1)  : On Wednesday 3rd of June, members of the 1916 Societies, taking advantage of lax security at the Stormont Assembly in Belfast, accessed the roof of the building, using the opportunity to raise the Irish National Flag and its sister flag, the flag of the Irish Republic. The Irish Flag at Stormont asserts that British rule is based on conquest, is without legitimacy, and usurps the sovereign will of the people.


2 ) : Stormont has been turned into a laughing stock after seven detectives were brought in to investigate the rogue display of an Irish tricolour on Parliament Buildings.A further three constables were also involved in bringing individuals to be interviewed

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