Achieve A Positive Outlook in Northern Ireland

How to start each day with a positive outlook, even though you live and work in NI

Special Never- Fail 6-Step Method!!!

For all of you that feel suffocated in Ar Wee Pravince!!



Early in the morning  – but not too early – after breakfast – 

1) Open a new file in your computer


2) Name it “Nigel Dodds”

dodds orangeman

3) Send it to the re-cycle bin

4) Empty the re-cycle bin

cestino vuoto
5) Your PC will ask you “Do you really want to get rid of Nigel Dodds?

yes oh yes
6) Firmly click “Yes”

Feel better?
Then tomorrow we’ll do Gregory Campbell


Time for change – May 2015

Tonight’s Saturday Night Film comes courtesy of Bella Caledonia.

It deals with Scotland but its message is for everyone living in the UK.

You listening, Northern Ireland?

For example, did you know Unionists have represented North Belfast since the 1880’s?

Population, families, shops, businesses and professionals have changed over all these years.

The South African War (Boer War ), two World wars, a Cold War, the Iron Curtain have all come and gone

The party representing North Belfast  is still the same, with the same old, same old shibboleths

same old

with its dead, empty anti-catholic, anti-nationalist, anti-republican, anti-gay, anti-women, anti-equality   rhetoric

Isn’t  time for a change in representation?

if not now