More resignations!!! Carmichael? Stormont? Robinson?

I mentioned last week  I  was  uneasy. No one had resigned for over 24 hours.

Despite Jim Murphy’s spectacular “reverse Farage”  as he exited? the Scottish branch of the British Labour Party, the feeling persisted

And now we have 2, or maybe even 3,  more fantastic forthcoming resignations!


1) Alistair Carmichael, the only Lib-dem MP left  in Scotland, who represents Orkney and Shetland,  lied about Scottish First Minister,  Ms Sturgeon in a leaked pre-election memo. He risked causing an international diplomatic incident with French diplomats. He  stood by as a Government Inquiry was started and then wrote to Ms Sturgeon, saying he’d lied.

carmichael sturgeon

   Sir Malcolm Bruce, former deputy leader of the Lib-Dems, rushed to   Alistair Carmichael’s defence,  suggesting that lying in public office is a widespread practice.

Query: So if everyone does it, that’s ok, is it?

You can see all the press reports here

Orkney and Shetland  voters aren’t happy.

carmichael 2

They  are crowd- raising funds on Indiegogo

to raise cash  for legal representation to  hold Alistair Carmichael accountable for his behaviour before, during and after the election campaign. If successful we will raise an election petition in the Courts. This could begin a process which could have the recent result in Orkney and Shetland overturned. The petition has to be lodged within 21 days of the General Election, meaning by this Friday (the 29th of May)”.

In under 24 hours they’ve raised over £22,000.

Thanks to everyone supporting the  Northern Islanders in their fight for honesty in public office!!

Comment: if you want to make a contribution here’s the link

2)Meanwhile on the cards  in Northern Ireland


large-scale resignations are likely!! But nobody’s crowd- funding yet!

Stormont Assembly is facing suspension or possible collapse because it has not  yet passed  a UK 2013 Welfare Reform Bill

budget cuts

cuts  to you and me and everyone else!

David Cameron will now have to decide whether to suspend Stormont  or allow it to fall and move to an election
The DUP want the UK Government step in to implement the welfare reforms over the head of Stormont.

Downing Street isn’t interested. Such a move would likely be a resigning matter for Sinn Fein.

out of here


3) And finally, 66-year-old  Mr Peter Robinson ,

robinson then and now

DUP leader and Northern Ireland’s First Minister,  is ill in the Royal Victoria Hospital, West  Belfast

rvh belfast

This may well be the first time he has ever been anywhere near Belfast’s Republican  Falls Road

We hope his health will improve enough for him to start an electoral  campaign  or to work to bring back a suspended Stromont in the next few weeks.

Recommendation: We advise him not to over-do things and to  


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