Chucky meets Tiochfaidh

That handshake!!


Charles agreed to the meeting after a request by Tiochfaidh,  the Sinn Fein president,

Today’s historic meeting between Gerry Adams and Prince Charles only went ahead because the Queen insisted, overruling the Irish Government parties

Queries: remind me again – who governs Ireland?

Now that England is about to lose Scotland, is she trying to nail down her colony in Ireland?

Query: What with  the cup and saucer in one’s spare hand?


:  something one likes or excels in ;

 :  a person suited to one’s taste
:  a thing to be reckoned with
Query: Nobody else has one!! Maybe it was nobody else’s  cup of tea?
Fig. not one’s choice or preference. (Used to describe an activity you do not enjoy. Can sound somewhat affected.)

Talking about being or not being one’s

cup of tea


reactions are mixed:

gerry adams

Prince Charles is the colonel-in-chief of the Parachute Regiment – a regiment of the British army that has been responsible for the killing of many Irish citizens including in Derry, Ballymurphy, Springhill and other communities across the north.

gael force art

Gael Force Art  opposes Charlie Chief of the Para’s visit to Ireland.

These Brit murdering thugs cannot be reconciled with because the British Colonial forces are irreconcilable as they continue to murder and exploit around the world. GO HOME MURDERING PARA CHIEF. here is a video to remind people of what they done to our people”.


John Teggart, whose father Danny was one of those killed in the Ballymurphy  massacre, criticised the Royal visit.

The Ballymurphy massacre families totally oppose Prince Charles, the Colonel-in-Chief of the Parachute Regiment, walking the streets of Belfast where the blood of innocent civilians has been shed by the regiment that he commands,”

Gerry Adams “But he (Charles)  also has been bereaved by the actions of republicans.

Local man Thomas McMahon was found guilty of the murders but released under the Good Friday Agreement.

Thankfully the conflict is over, but there remain unresolved injustices.

There is a responsibility on us all to promote reconciliation and seek to promote healing.”

Query: “All of us” – presumably that includes the DUP, the British and Irish  Governments, the Orange Order, Loyalist paramilitaries  and so on?  

If not . . . . 

shut the fuck up




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