What now for the “Union”?

So after the Election deluge where does the Union stand today?

As Mr Salmond said

salmond lion

The Union would have been  on a precarious balancing act if there had been a coalition government



Now it seems even worse with a  slim, very slim, Tory majority

Secession  north of the border and detachment from the EU south?


Here are the thoughts of  Mario Monti – former EU commissioner, former”parachuted-in”  Italian PM, arch neo -liberal


In any case Mr Cameron is going to ask for changes in the EU – at a time when it is  concerned with



Mr Putin in the Ukraine,


boat people in the Med,

greek euro

Grexit and so on

The EU leaders are going to have a real  lot of time for Mr Cameron’s Treaty  twiddling and fiddling


The Conservatives have promised an In/Out  EU Referendum in 2017
Scotland has already said she doesn’t want an EU exit

Does Mr Cameron even have a mandate in Scotland to over-ride a vote if the outcome doesn’t please him?

results 2015


There are 3 polar bears in Scotland, I’m told, at Highland Wildlife Park –

so that’s one each for Lab, LD and Tory MPs”

Does he have a mandate in NI, which elected NO Conservative MPs?

Ireland doesn’t want to leave the EU. So can we expect

armagh watchtower

a reinforced frontier across the country once again?

And talking about Ireland
What’s happening in Ar Wee Pravince?
The DUP are no longer Kingmakers (if they ever were outside of their deluded delirium). But  hope never dies and our very own  Peter

robinson then and now

said: ” it is fairly clear there will be votes during the course of that period of time where support of other parties will be necessary and we would look to have a good relationship and work with him ( Mr Cameron)  if it helps to realise the Northern Ireland plan.”

ulster mangle

Conditional loyalty   –   a warning to the  UK government!









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