A Unionist free Scotland

According to the latest polls Scotland is well on its way to achieving its aim of a Unionist-free Scotland

Scottish voting intentions for the May 2015 UK general election (Ipsos-Mori, 22nd-27th April) :

SNP 54% (+2)
Labour 20% (-4)
Conservatives 17% (+5)
Liberal Democrats 5% (+1)
Greens 2% (-2)
UKIP 1% (n/c)

The Electoral Calculus website predicts  the SNP could take all 59 seats in Scotland.


Even if Labour manage to hold onto a handful of MPs north of the border, there is no question that there has been a massive collapse of Labour’s support in Scotland.

How’s Northern Ireland doing?


Any chance of a Unionist-free Northern Ireland?

Will there be a phenomenal collapse of the Unionist vote?

sit down

Or are the people of Northern Ireland    stuck with a  fundamentalist, evangelical DUP majority forever?


Forever Cinderellas?

torch of freedom


While the torch of freedom passes  to Scotland?







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