DUP Kingmakers? Don’t make me laugh!!!

Meanwhile back in NI, the DUP  are probably guilty of  any prejudice you could name –  homophobia, sexism, islamophobia

Jim Wells

DUP Minister for Health Jim Wells

* branded west Belfast people as lawbreaking skinheads.
* linked child abuse and gay relationships

His remarks sparked


which is felt by anyone  living under  DUP hegemony

A  far-right political party, its core values  are distrust and disgust of anyone who isn’t

ulster loyalist

a white, Northern Irish, Protestant male.

Peter Robinson, its leader offered to send Muslims to the shops

shopping for peter

Sammy Wilson,

sammy wilson

 former  Lord Mayor of Belfast, ( 1986/87 and 2000/01)

MLA amd MP for East Antrim  (double jobbing, anyone?) was accused of sexism when he remarked about two female government ministers,

The other two Sinn Fein ministers are two women. I can’t remember their names but


their sister’s called Cinderella.”

Sammy Wilson also said

The GAA is the sporting wing of the IRA“;

I don’t care if [gays] are ratepayers. As far as I am concerned they are perverts”;

“Taigs don’t pay rates”;

“They [Sinn Féin voters in the Oldpark area of Belfast] are sub-human animals”.


Comment: I can appreciate the current outrage  over Wilson’s homophobic comments


Query: Why wasn’t there this outrage when the DUP spouted their anti-Catholicism over the decades?


One final point. We talked about the Routemaster bus,


the “cauldron on wheels” some time ago


The  story hasn’t gone away, you know.
The DUP launched its manifesto at Wrightbus’ Antrim plant.

The New Routemaster was behind the speakers

A second bus was then used for a series of staged press photographs with leading DUP members

Peter, iris and

including party leader Peter Robinson.

Consternation at Transport for London,

horror girl 2

It is  the owner of the New Routemaster design

It is also a public body with obligations to avoid being involved in electioneering.

A Transport for London spokesperson said:

We were not aware of this event and, had we been asked, we would not have given permission for the bus to be used given pre-election rules for public bodies.

They’re getting some idea of how 


 suffocating it is to live under the DUP if you aren’t a certain type of  a white, Northern Irish, Protestant male.

2 orangemen

DUP core values  are distrust of ,  disgust at ,  and contempt of everyone else. Yet it has the brass neck to demand 


respect are culture













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