Pravda’s alive and well!!!

wings over scotlnd


Thanks to Wings over Scotland for providing a window on how information is presented to TV viewers.

Today’s Sunday politics   had a piece on Scottish polling

Here’s the graph they presented to illustrate trends

bbc 1

One viewer noticed that the chart of projected seats wasn’t in proportion.

This is how the graph should have looked!


bbc 2

When one column is so disproportionate the correct response  is to insert a break part-way up the column (and the axis, if that is displayed).

Of course, the alternative , if anyone is interested, is to use a pie-chart

snp pie chart

With such a huge difference in the sample sizes, it would have demonstrated the various relationships more clearly.

And talking about demonstrating relationships clearly

Who has forgotten the mythical Isle of Ulster!!!

isle of ulster

Which floats alone – somewhere in the North Sea

Another example  of   rather distorted relationships  is the famous BBC Weather Map

Thinking about the News and Weather – this is all you need to know about them where we are and where you are!

Advice: Keep a large pinch of salt to hand when watching the News and Weather


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