The Fall of Labour in Scotland

Here’s our Saturday night film for  this week – a brilliant political and  cultural documentary

A satire, a review of art history, a portrait of a Great British Hero of the Liebore Movement

An educational opportunity for everyone!!!

*all Scots

*all Unionists

*all of you who followed the Yes movement with interest

*Independistas wherever you are

Rarely do we have the chance to see such footage!


PS Don’t ask how  Murphy (famous Irish name) became a Great British Hero



a)JF Murphy spent 9 years at university – without ever graduating (BA Pol Sci)  FAILED

b)JF Murphy organised a pre-Scottish referendum  camapaign (Sept 2014) standing on milk /IrnBru crates in  towns and villages throughout Scotland. He was egged ONCE

c) JF Murphy is now Leader of the Scottish Branch (accounting office?) of the British Labour Party

labour logo

d) Latest Poll Results:

Scottish voting intentions for the May 2015 UK general election (YouGov, 8th-9th April) :

SNP 49% (+3)                               53/59 seats 
Labour 25% (-4)                            4/59 seats
Conservatives 18% (+2)               1/59 seats 
Liberal Democrats 4% (+1)        1/59 seats 
UKIP 2% (n/c)
Greens 1% (-1)




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