Labour might have a slight lead in the latest polls but the general consensus is that the UK election will probably not return a majority for either Labour or Conservatives.

Some form of coalition seems likely

Great Britain: David Cameron may have to go

cap in hand


to the DUP if he wants to keep power after the May 7 election.

Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)
Ian Paisley forged its combative British nationalism in the Protestant ghettos of 1970s Belfast.





The DUP is closely, very closely, associated with the anti-Catholic Orange Order

and the Creationist. Ultra-Protestant Evangelical

It is promising voters the opportunity of holding the balance of power in the United Kingdom.


Comment: Never underestimate the fact that almost everything you are being told by the DUP is THEIR view based on what THEY stand to win given any particular vote. They don’t care about you and are perfectly happy to knowingly lie to you for their own gain.


Some questions about how much the DUP in government will cost the UK
*How could Westminster claim to be “impartial brokers” of the GFA/Belfast Agreement and the Peace Process?
*Is Westminster worth peace in NI?

*Could meeting the DUP’s demands for concessions for Northern Ireland be tricky for a Conservative government if they are seen as coming at the expense of the other countries of the union?

Query: How will this fit in England?
The English are not happy with a possible deal between Labour and the Scottish National Party (predicted to win 35+ seats) because it might give 5 million Scots influence over 54 million people in England
How comfortable will they be with the balance of power being in DUP hands?
The DUP represent a maximum of 1 million Unionists in Northern Ireland
It is targeting 9 seats, all of which it may, or may not, win


Comment: easier to control 1 million than 5

Query: How will 5,ooo,ooo Scots like being sidelined?

woman 1

What odds a Unilateral Declaration of Independence or at the very least a new Referendum on independence after the Scottish Parliament Elections in 2016?

What does the DUP want?



*The DUP backs austerity, and is pushing an extremely conservative social agenda on abortion and gay rights. It supports creationism, the theory that the world was created by God 10 000 years ago.

Specifically it wants

* the right of a Belfast bakery to refuse to make a cake with a gay rights slogan
* a law that to allow religious business people to refuse to serve people where that would conflict with their religious beliefs.
*scrapping of welfare benefits for “perpetrators” of armed attacks and for members of parliament who refuse to take their seats at Westminster – both of which would impact Sinn Fein members.
* regulation of contentious unionist parades
* protection in law for the official display of the British flag.
* a change in the definition of victims

Remember: When unionists say ‘real victims’ they mean Protestant victims. When they say ‘terrorist victims’ they mean Catholic victims.
Comment: The Victims and Survivors (Northern Ireland) Order 2006 said a victim was someone who is or has been physically or psychologically injured as a result of or in consequence of a conflict-related incident; someone who provides substantial care to an injured person or someone who has been bereaved.
It did not refer to perpetrators.
What is DUP offering to people in the UK?

None of the above, I’m afraid.

No vision, no broad aspirations, no direction,

just the pursuit of power for power’s sake.

A policy vacuum –

vacuum 2

What is the DUP offering to the people of Northern Ireland? 

What will DUP do with its new influence in the ‘Corridors of Power”?

Use it to bring more jobs to N. Ireland?

Increase (or at the very least protect) benefits and pensions,

raise the standard of medical care,

improve the roads in Co. Fermanagh?

Most likely:

Dump  the present, much hated system of government

Return to “genuine democratic Unionist” rule.

‘Adjust’ electoral boundaries, adding a little bit of future proofing ..!!

The mental, moral, spiritual and intellectual vacuum of the Unionist.

Unionists are, I have to admit, a pile of dusty cliches, shells of former parties.

Totally without passion, direction, substance.

The expectations of Loyalists are sunk in a sense of tradition and obligation so stultifying that they simply cannot hear anything new.

sectarianism in northern ireland

Sectarianism takes the form of destructive patterns of relating.

These patterns – blaming, separating, overlooking, belittling, dehumanising, demonising, dominating, and attacking – are endemic in Northern Ireland.

Query: Are they now to be brought to the heart of Westminster Government?



Final Comment:
Britishness is not  constitutional. It is a cultural idea that has  positive or negative meaning,  just as it would have under a different constitutional arrangement…

“Britishness’ is an illusion, part of the propaganda of state control.

‘The Army, the Monarchy, and the BBC….the only carriers that Britishness has left…’.

People who think Scotland or NI is part of England tend to describe themselves as British.
And so do many people in the rest of the UK who feel power should always reside at Westminster.
It is a comforting illusion to think there is safety in numbers.

Remember: ’Where there is no vision, the people perish.’ (Prov 29:18 KJV)









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