– DUP KINGMAKERS! or so they’d like you to believe

What the DUP say you’ll get if you vote for them. Note the original colour scheme. The DUP graphics team really pushed the boat out on  creativity for this Party Electoral Broadcast

They are promising to swing left or right as the UK  voters’ fancy takes them.

They have set out a 5 page plan of what they want.

Page 1 –  the title seems little more than wishful thinking, a real impossible!

page 1 DUP plan

The DUP 5 page, double-column wishlist states they want

*to innovate UK to establish a NI presence and  NI to be prominently incorporated into UK branding

Comment  – no idea what this means

* constitutional stability for NI

*Westminster to respect the principle of devolution

*an agreed minimum level of NI representation in the House of Commons

*Flights to London

Comment: All  Done – from the 1920 Govt of Ireland Act onwards to the development of commercial airlines.

on other hand 2


Maybe the DUP really are living in 1690?

Or do they expect  the referendum during the next Parliament?

Do they really think Westminster will always want them,  even if the people of Ireland vote for re-unification?

You can search for more gems in all 5 pages of the Document on


The DUP  are convinced they will be Kingmakers  in the event of a hung  parliament

They had 8 MPs out of over 600 in the last  Parliament. They’re hoping to gain another 1 or 2. They could lose 1 or 2.

They haven’t  even factored in  SNP’s role in the balance of power

snp polls

SNP  candidates are predicted to sweep the boards in Scotland and gain 30-50 MPs and maybe even 55/59.

If  Lord Ashcroft’s poll is right, then the end of the UK is  on the cards.

Back to the questions

Do the DUP want Westminster to say they will always want them?

Permanently like?

Please don’t be sucked into the  DUP delusion and folly.

We all already know that in the past couple of years it has featured policies like:

Creationsim in the Giant’s Causeway  Geological Exhibition, Fleg Riots, Twadell Campers, Protests about a play and Sunday football matches,   the Equality Commission’s “persecution” of a Co Antrim bakery which refused to  make a cake with a slogan in support of gay marriage and an attempt to introduce a “conscience clause” into equality law in Northern Ireland.

You can read about most of these in other posts on this blog

Finally, if the DUP get their dearest wish of becoming Kingmakers in a new Conservative administration or even at a pinch Labour Government, what happens to the UK “impartial brokerage ” of the NI peace setttlement and  process?

warned 2

Don’t blame me if you vote DUP and get more of the same as well as the humiliation of  that document circulating through the Halls of Westminster .


didn't know











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