Fermanagh South Tyrone and our very own Tommy Elliott




 2010 results

Name Party Votes % +/-
Michelle Gildernew Sinn Fein 21,304 45.5 +7.3
Rodney Connor Independent 21,300 45.5 +45.5
Fearghal McKinney Social Democratic & Labour Party 3,574 7.6 -7.2
Vasundhara Kamble Alliance Party 437 0.9 +0.9
John Stevenson Independent 188 0.4 +0.4
Majority 4 0.0
Turnout 46,803 68.9 -6.9

Our very own Tommy Elliott (born 11 December 1963)

is standing in 2015 as Unionist Pact candidate

tom elliott.jpg_1024

former Grand Master of Fermanagh Orange Order &

Ulster Defence Regiment  (UDR) veteran of 18 years

tom elliott 2

Tom Elliott MLA  is a  former UDR member.

Remember: UK  military intelligence

  • estimated 5-15% of UDR soldiers were linked to loyalist paramilitaries
  • believed that the “best single source of weapons, and the only significant source of modern weapons, for Protestant extremist groups was the UDR”
  • feared UDR troops were loyal to ‘Ulster’ rather than ‘Her Majesty’s Government’
  • knew that UDR weapons were being used in the murder and attempted murder of Catholics


8 good reasons why he shouldn’t be elected MP for Fermanagh South Tyrone.


Tom Elliott

1.May 2011 Described Ireland’s flag as “flag of a foreign nation” at Omagh Leisure Centre,
2. Referred to nationalists as “the scum of Sinn Féin” on the same day.

Comment: He has since tried to retract this statement.

Elliott. I apologised to the wider nationalist community if they took offence, because it wasn’t directed at the wider nationalist community.

The comments were directed at a number of people in the room who had convictions for serious terrorist activity and not the broader nationalist community or Sinn Fein voters in general.

Q. So do you still regard some in Sinn Fein as scum?

Elliott: People talk about that issue but to me it was fairly minor when you compare what some Sinn Fein members have done throughout their lifetime. It seems OK that people can sit in government now who are murderers, but for someone to say what I did is made a huge issue.


3. Aug 2012: Referred to murdered South Derry men Sean Brown & Francis Bradley as “not real victims because they were not murdered by the IRA.”  


Remember: Sean Brown was killed by loyalists in 1997

 Francis Bradley was shot dead by special forces in Toomebridge in 1986.


4.Sept 2010: Defiantly stated he will not attend GAA games or Gay Pride Parades. “I wouldn’t go. I never have and it’s certainly not my intention to go to any of them”

5. He outright rejected a truth commission. “I see no point whatsoever in handing over public money to lawyers for an expensive inquiry which has little or no chance if satisfying the needs of victims.”

6. Criticised An Taoiseach over support for Pat Finucane’s family, “Taoiseach Enda Kenny has once again decided to single out the Finucane family.”


7. Tom Elliott and Public Funds


8. His cousin  Alex Elliott supports Fracking in Co Fermanagh

Cousin to Tom Elliott, current Fermanagh-South Tyrone MLA,
tom elliott.jpg_1024
Past County Grand Master of the Orange Order, Assistant Secretary to the Grand Lodge of Ireland and Member of the Royal Black Preceptory, is former RUC officer TUV politician Alex Elliott
Not for Photosales
He would “embrace” fracking in their hometown of Ballinamallard.

I would embrace it and say: ‘Yes, it has to be done


on the other hand

These are 8 good reasons why the Nationalist people need to come out in strength and vote to keep Bobby Sands seat 

Michelle Gildernew’s launch as candidate for Fermanagh South Tyrone













2 thoughts on “Fermanagh South Tyrone and our very own Tommy Elliott

  1. Don’t we all Oglach, don’t we all! His election is particularly galling as it was Bobby Sands seat and before that Frank Maguire’s, who like Bobby was elected on a Unity nationalist/Republican ticket. Nationalists/republicans really do have to get the act together – otherwise it’s just the same old, same old divide and conquer with nobody to blame but ourselves as we fall into the same old, same old traps.


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