Nicola’s Army


First up  –  on the grounds that every picture tells a story  -a  composite  pic of people attending the latest Party Conferences

libdem conference

Notice anything? No prizes for guessing which party now has over 100,000 members

Which shows a nation is on the move?


Next up – the SNP Leader’s Speech


Key points if you can’t be bothered  reading it all at the link below

*”Let us seize this historic moment to shift the balance of power from the corridors of Westminster to the streets and communities of Scotland.

*But now, when it looks as if the people of Scotland might actually take them at their word, and vote for a Party that will make Scotland’s voice heard, these same politicians throw their hands up in horror”.

*How dare we seek to influence the Westminster system they begged us to stay part of.

*We pose a threat to their vested interests.

*We challenge a parliamentary system that has more members in the unelected House of Lords than in the elected House of Commons.

*To ordinary people across these islands who feel just as let down by that out of touch Westminster system as we do, to people in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, I make this promise.

*As long as Scotland remains part of the Westminster system, we will be your allies in seeking to shake up and reform that outdated and discredited system once and for all.

*The SNP stands ready to work with you in making that positive change for all of us.


Next – Compare and contrast with Our Nige’s 

dodds orangeman

essay in the New Statesman  and the comments he received

The Rt Hon Nigel Dodd MP wrote:

big idea ahead

The SNP has a story to tell about itself, which many of Scotland’s voters may listen to this time, but the tale it has to tell about the rest of us is invented and unbelievable”.

This exclusive sense of Scotland and what it means to be Scottish quickly, inevitably morphs into self-pity.

Query: Has Nigel Dodds  never heard of the saying

pics or it didn't happen

Maybe we should adjust it for his mindset and the time he seems to live in


 Comments from  New Statesman readers;

*This is the most ill informed and biased diatribe I have seen in a while.

*The unionists don’t seem to mind how ill informed their obvious diatribes are. It seems they just think their prejudices should stick.

*Ulster Unionists like Dodds are almost completely ignorant of Scottish society, and are infuriated by what they see as Scots’ deviation from their own viewpoint. Their Scotland is a fantasy, and they cannot cope with the reality.

*This article is total cobblers whoever wrote this is blinkered and never been in Scotland

You can read it all at the link below

A word of advice to Our Nige

make love


Finally, just to show you who’s who in Nicola’s Army of voters –


A Visual Truth On Scottish Politics #GE2015.


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