Carson’s Back to aTone for his past !!!

edward carson now

Ulster’s very own Edward Carson, who made no significant contribution to British politics.

Reincarnated in a different, more modern mindset to aTone for past misdeeds

arder carson

Historical Resonances:

1) Arder-Edward  – What’s a few letters or vowels in the wrong order among re-incarnated individuals?

2) Like Edward, Arder was born in Dublin


But he represents Black Mountain, Belfast


lenadoon saoirse freedom republican memorial cuchulainn wall mural painting west belfast northern ireland

3) Arder spoke at the unveiling of the Lenadoon Volunteers Memorial Mural

carson and ulster volunteers

Edward  inspected a parade of armed Ulster Volunteers

All Volunteers – What’s in a name?


No Historical Resonances

1) Arder will be the first Lord Mayor of Belfast’s Super- Council. He will take office next month

Edward never managed such an achievement


2)  Arder  is a member of Sinn Fein

Edward never managed such an achievement




3)Arder helped launch the Still Imprisoned Black Taxis in 2010, providing jobs and self-respect for prisoners

Edward launched the Ulster Covenant, reviving an ancient  fashion for signatures in blood


karma's a bitch





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