Ireland got a new political party today

Did it? How do you say its name?

Like Renoir – sorta upper class-like

Nat for the likes of us then?

Dunno. Sorta European. Some people like to Frenchify it. They call it Dejà Vua


It’s nat comin’up here, is it? We’ve already got them Shinners.


Did they really forget to  secure the name Renua Ireland on Facebook?

Indeed they did

How do they expect to get people votin’ for them  if they neglect FB?

Here’s how – Just listen to this  wonderful interview with the putative Minister of Policy and Communications




PS The official party page on Facebook is called ‘RENUA Ireland’.

In a brief paragraph describing welfare policy it states

Those who are not self reliant will be imprisoned rather than released by a life on welfare’.

In reply to queries about the word “imprisoned” RENUA said this was a reference to the welfare trap, but that it was “clumsily put“.


2 thoughts on “Renua

  1. Omnishambles is likely to continue Séamas –
    from what I’ve read about Renua , they offer a series of badly joined up, ill-digested neo-liberal clichés and sound bites
    Can’t see them going far at all


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