Funded by the UK – Always Remember Lest We Forget

1981: “I am standing on the threshold of another trembling world. May God have mercy on my soul.”

bobby sands
– Bobby Sands writing on this day 1981 as he began his Hunger Strike. RIP

2015:Plaques featuring the

pressies in union flag

Union Jack/Flag and the line “funded by the UK government” are to be displayed on publically-funded projects in Britain. Companies that win contracts to build new infrastructure will have to display the logo on the finished project.

Remember what happened in IRELAND?

funded by uk2

And in Iraq?

funded by uk 1

Query: Who funds the UK Government?

Feel free to add your own posters below!!!

PS the Scots have already started

funded by scotlnd

And so have the English

funded england

You’ll also find a great selection, covering many themes on



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