South Belfast and Dr. Alasdair McDonnell

south belfast



Dr Alasdair McDonnell

SDLP Incumbent since 2005
First favourite: SDLP
Second favourite: DUP

NB See all about the DUP candidate  here

South Belfast Electorate: 59,524
Turnout: 57.43%

2010 Votes         2010 Share
SDLP 14,026          41.03%
DUP 8,100              23.69%
UCUNF 5,910         17.29%
MIN 5,114                14.96%
OTH 1,036               3.03%

SDLP Majority 5,926   17.33%

What do we know about Dr McDonnell?

* 1949 born in Cushendall, Co Antrim;
* 1974 Graduated from University College Dublin, then worked as a family doctor in Belfast for over 30 years,

*1970 Initial involvement in politics with the National Party (founded Belfast 1965, dissolved 1970)
*SDLP is his second party

*1998 MLA
* 2005 MP for South Belfast
* 2011 SDLP Leader

sdlp logo

What does the SDLP stand for?
A new, agreed Ireland based on partnership. The SDLP’s vision is a reconciled people living in a united, just and prosperous new Ireland The SDLP is committed to protecting human rights and ensuring sound management of public money to deliver high quality public services.
All SDLP founders opposed IRA violence, a policy the party has always adhered to.

Comments: Hardly a radical or revolutionary party with an enthralling vision to move the masses
Indeed, since Sinn Fein espoused peace the SDLP has haemorrhaged votes.
Constitutional nationalism appears so old-fashioned in today’s world of Syriza, Podemos and the 5 star movement
I’ve tried to make the SDLP interesting but it’s very staid

The 2015 conference shows party members tend to be middle-aged

So does the party political broadcast

sdlp club

Recent Activity:

1) SPAD ACT 2013: SDLP decided not to help block a rejectionist unionist bill discriminating against former political prisoners working as special advisers in the NI Assembly

2) The UK National Crime Agency 2015: The SDLP changed its mind and decided to support the NCA.

The SDLP worked long and hard to bring about accountability on the NCA and after many months of negotiations with the Minister of Justice and the Home Secretary agreement was reached.

gerry kelly

Gerry Kelly Sinn Fein
described efforts to allow the NCA to operate fully in Northern Ireland as an “underhanded process”,
“the Home Secretary could increase its remit without consulting the Assembly”.
“The police say in the end to me, the only argument they have is over resource – then let’s argue for more resource,”


Pat Sheehan Sinn Fein
People would say this was another shadowy organisation“.

3) The Raymond McCreesh playground in Newry.

mccreesh park

Cause of  such Unionist angst

Patsy and Raymond

The SDLP policy is against naming facilities after paramilitaries

SF councillors swung the vote at Newry and Mourne District Council, with only 1/9 SDLP councillors  turning up.

4) The SDLP ‘s anti-abortion policy. Dr McDonnell’s recent comments stirred up a lot of opposition

Here’s what he said

And here’s what  one of the most senior Consultants in NI had to say in reply


Comment: SDLP appears to adhere more to its policy of achieving further devolution of powers while Northern Ireland remains part of the UK rather than its avowed aim of Irish unification

Queries: So will the SDLP win South Belfast?
There is no doubt the  general good will certainly benefit more from Constitutional Nationalism than  from the Orange Order and the Caleb Foundation
South Belfast voters understood that twice in the past

Will they prefer a different option in 2015?

Final comment:  Our friend FitzjamesHorse, SDLP rank and file member,  doesn’t agree with this assessment.

Read what he says about his party here

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