Ireland 1916 – 2016 – Compare and Contrast

Saturday night, Film night

A few short videos   to watch and think about this evening as Ireland prepares to celebrate  the 100th Anniversary of the 1916 Rising

We’ll start of with the Gold Standard – the official government video

It has now been removed due to widespread objections that it didn’t even mention the 1916 Rising.

Comment: Note the upbeat “21st century” attitude.  Nothing in today’s Ireland  connects with the events and motivations of the people who took up arms 100 years ago, whose deeds and achievements (or lack thereof)  the people of Ireland  are preparing to celebrate.

Query: Does anything really connect  the 1916 Rising with Ireland  in 2015?

Here’s the Sinn Fein response

Comment:It emphasizes the executions of the 1016 leaders.

N.B. The British point of view  was that they were insurgents, Britain was at war and  execution was too good for them!The Irish people thought differently.

Here’s a  modern Englishman’s thoughts

And here’s SF’s  final proposal  for the 2016 celebrations which was presented in Wynn’s Hotel, Dublin yesterday.

Comment: Note the blend of fact, emotion and electioneering

Finally, here’s an unofficial response to the  government video

Comment: It  looks at a variety of issues around Ireland like  protests against bondholder bailout, use of  Shannon Airport for rendition flights and water charges.

Comments: The series of videos show alternative futures for the country

Queries: Which is the most fitting tribute to the achievements of the  1916 leaders?

                   Which best shows today’s Ireland?

                   Where does Ireland go from here? 

Answers on a postcard, please!!

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