Elpida – Is Hope Coming?


It’s not that people have hope,” said an organiser with a Syriza community project .

It’s that they hope to have hope.”


Alexis Tsipras, leader of Greece’s Syriza party, vowed to end the country’s “national humiliation”.
He told thousand sat the last pre-election rally yesterday  in Athens Omonia Square that an outright victory would allow Greece to turn its back on four years of austerity.
On Monday, national humiliation will be over. We will finish with orders from abroad” 
“We are asking for a first chance for Syriza. It might be the last chance for Greece.

They have stolen your jobs. They have stolen your dreams and your smiles. In some cases, they have even stolen your country by forcing you to emigrate… Do not let them steal your hope! Do not let them steal your future!”

Poll results according to the latest Gpo survey on behalf of privately owned Megatv
Syriza                                                   = 32.5%
Nea Dimokratia                                 = 26.5% di.
To Potami (The River, centre left) = 5.8%
Chrysi Avghì(Golden Dawn)            = 5%
Greek Communist Party                   = 5%
Pasok (socialist)                                 = 4.4%
Independents                                     = 3.4%
Social Democratic Movement (Kidiso) recently founded by Giorgos Papandreou, former socialist PM = 3%.

Comment: So a Left Coalition with Syriza as the major party looks to be on the cards

Metron Analysis suggests Syriza could claim as much as 36% of the vote, putting it on the verge of an outright victory

But in answer to the question
Who would be the best Prime Minister?
Samaras           =40.1%
Alexis Tsipras = 38.2%

Comment: So results were discordant with polling

And whoever said there was no support for Syriza’s policies in Europe?

Query: Will Greece open Pandora’s box?

pandora's box





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