FOR YOUR EYES ONLY! – Key Actions from “The British Unionist’s Handbook”


The British Unionist/Loyalist Self Help Manual 

loyalist handbook

Restricted Distribution – only for true British Unionists/Loyalists.

Some of you may have been well versed in its practical out-workings in the past.
This is an updated summary in a light, modern format

A quick check-list for all true Unionists/Loyalists operating in the field of anti-United Ireland activities.

It is their duty to save Ireland from itself.

all loyalists

All of You

1. DO point out how well the NI economy is doing under the Union.
2. DO claim neither NI nor the Republic can afford Unity.
3. DO claim the Northern Irish drink far more than the rest of the UK
4. DO infer that Republicans/Nationalists in Northern Ireland just aren’t good enough to unite with the rest of Ireland and govern themselves.

Comments: DON’T make points 1 and 2 to the same individual(s) at the same time (slight compatibility problem).   DON’T ever put points 3 and 4 in writing

westminster parl

If you are influential in UK Government:

1. DON’T baulk from limiting Irish democratic rights. In particular DON’T ever allow a referendum on a United Ireland, no matter what the GFA/Belfast Agreement says.

Comment: So far, so good

2. DO cut the budget to the Stormont Executive even if it is led by the DUP, so that not all of their commitments can be fulfilled. Work with the UK Treasury on this. Then claim not meeting targets is SF’s fault.

Comment: DONE!!!

3. DO make sure that Irish culture, particularly Language, Folk and Celtic Music, goes ignored and unfunded

Comment:  Largely done, Irish Language Act blocked!!

4. DO what you can to prevent Irish companies and industries becoming a source of national pride. The less the Irish feel able to prosper in a United Ireland, the better
5. DO infer that a London government may be capable of hurting a United Ireland economically,
6. DO claim that  SF would create an ‘Albanian style socialist republic’.
7. DO claim that  SF are ‘Celtic Tories’ .

Comments:  DON’T EVER state point 5 openly.

                       DON’T claim points 6 and 7 at the same time (slight incompatibility problem).

old tv

If you work in the media:

1.DO portray SF politicians in as bad a light as possible e.g. doing something trivial or seemingly carefree or arrogant.

2. DO portray Unionist politicians as being serious and competent.

Comment: So far, so good

3. DO report as often as possible anything which might help to lower Irish self-esteem. This is vital.If the electorate do not feel confident enough they will not vote for parties supporting a United Ireland.
4. DO lie if you have to.
5. DON’T report poll results on Uniting ireland. They could show a majority for it.

Comment: If you must show poll results that favour a United Ireland,  ‘bury’ them as much as possible.

6. DO make sure you are more aggressive with interviewees in favour of a United Ireland. Cut him/her off if they seem to be making a good point, and change the subject. Ridicule their answers and always let the Unionist have the last word. Wherever possible, emphasize division in the pro-United Ireland camp.

Comment: Doing great!

7. DON’T use the Irish language except for ridicule or deprecation of Irish culture.
8. DO encourage the output of politically cleansed material which promotes the Union, especially on TV.
9. DO seek out comment from an English accented individual, especially in authority situations. Never use a person with a Irish accent unless you have to.

Comment: Excellent progress so far


history ambush

If you work in the History sector (Universities, museums, historical sites)
1. DO your best to eradicate or play down any Nationalist/Republican content. The scourge of Nationalism/Republicanism must be politically cleansed from our past. It only lends encouragement to ideas about a United Ireland.
2. DO claim that nothing of importance happened in Ireland before the Union. In particular Tone and Sarsfield are to be ignored, or if that is not possible, portray them as terrorists. Portray the Fenians as self-seeking French Jacobin rejects.

Comment:  Repeat often ” unrepentant Fenian bastards!”

3. DO claim that Irish were enthusiastic partners in Empire after the Union and that nationalism only reared its ugly head in the last few decades.

4.DO claim England really came to Ireland’s rescue during the Famine and that it was appreciated.

Comment: Many top-level revisionist articles have been published recently. Well done,  chaps and chapesses! Carry on writing!

5. DO encourage the output of films and theatrical productions which denigrate Irish culture. Comedy is particularly effective here as any criticism of it can be pooh-poohed as demonstrating a lack of sense of humour.

Comment: Curry My Yoghurt and ensuing furore  is an excellent example  of how to go about this

6. DO describe SF as being the ‘Lefty Party’ to  Catholic audiences .
7. DO describe SF as being the ‘Papish Party’ to Protestant audiences.

Comment: DON’T make points 6 and 7 to the same people at the same time (slight incompatibility problem).

Final Thoughts:

Make sure this document falls into the right hands – true, proud, British Unionists/Loyalists who put Britain first

They would be  pro-Union even if it definitely meant Ireland would be worse off.

Remember, they may be in the minority in Ireland  but they are in the right

rule britannia

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