Saudi Arabia

raif badawi

Raif Badawi was fined, sentenced to 1,000 lashes and 10 years in prison .

No doubt in conformity with Sharia Law
He received 50 lashes last Friday
A second round  was postponed for medical reasons.
His crime: Badawi established Liberal Saudi Network, a now-closed online forum that sought to encourage debate on religious and political matters in Saudi Arabia in 2008.


Flogging, Whipping, Scourging, Lashing, Caning

different names for the oldest form of corporal punishment.

Flogging has been a common punishment since ancient times.

christ scourged

Jesus was scourged before he was crucified.

In England from the Middle Ages whipping was a common punishment for minor crimes.

It was used in British Army and Royal Navy until 1881 and in British  prisons until the mid-20th century

whipped 2

Daily Mirror, London, 7 July 1954
TWO men who took part in the Wandsworth Prison mutiny on May 26 got the “cat” yesterday. They were William Dair (eighteen strokes) and Thomas Edward Harris (six strokes).

jud flog
These tails were knotted and they tore the flesh from the prisoner’s back. To receive this treatment the prisoner was stripped to the waist, a towel tucked into his waistband to absorb the blood and he was stretched on a “triangle”, bound from the wrists and the ankles…

Where the poles met at the top was a rotating wheel over which a rope was thrown. This was attached to the bound wrists of the prisoner and pulled until he was standing on tip-toe. The legs were spread apart and the ankles secured to the lower ends of two of the poles. The wielder of the “cat”, whom the prisoner rarely got a glimpse of, was masked, like the executioner of old who used an axe to behead his victims on the block.

The prison governor was present along with the prison doctor. The number of lashes to be inflicted was counted out, “One, Two, Three, etc”, as the cat whistled through the air and descended on the unfortunate man”s back.


whipped whipped 3 whipped 4


Afterwards the prisoner was cut down and medical attention was rendered immediately to his bleeding back.



All corporal punishments whatsoever, and upon
whomsoever inflicted, are hateful, and an indignity to
our common nature, which (with or without our con-
sent) is enshrined in the person of the sufferer. De-
grading him they degrade us
Thomas De Quincey ( 1785 – 1859)

Some people approve of  flogging


Under the NI Special Powers Act (1922-73)

floggings were  official and could be  legally carried out until 1968

One Unionist MP was so pleased with the ‘right to flog” that he gloated

and I may say that if an artist  is employed in flogging
these criminals there will not be much of them left to go to prison.”

As late as 1944

Frank Morris

Republican prisoners like Frank Morris were brutally flogged in the Crumlin Road Jail, Belfast , Northern Ireland.

Mr Morris  was given the “Cat O Nine Tails” 15 times.

whipped 3

He was the last person in Ireland to receive the dreaded punishment.

The pain was dreadful, you couldn’t imagine it.”

 “The tail ends of the whip cut my flesh to the bone and I bit my lip to stop screaming.


Dr. Havelock Ellis (1859 – 1939)

“Flogging is objectionable
because it is ineffectual (as was shown long
since), and because it brutalises and degrades
those on whom it is inflicted, those who inflict it,

and those who come within the radius of its influence”

Just to show  how effective flogging was

Mr Frank Morris joined Saor Uladh. He later became one of first organizers for the Provisional IRA.

He stood on their army council until he was replaced by Martin McGuinness in 1972


Query: For how long will  the  Saudi government and people

 consent to imposing ineffective punishments

and to being brutalised and degraded by their own actions?


Update 14/02/2015: Mr Badawi was not flogged yesterday – for the 5th Friday since the original scourging.

Mrs Badawi thanks activists who signed petitions and organised demonstrations worldwide  and asks them to keep up the pressure on the Saudi Government


Let’s make sure Mr Badawi is the last person to be flogged in Saudi Arabia










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