Unlawful Killing –

Calling all lovers of conspiracy theories, the British Royal Family, Princess Diana and Republicanism

Tonight’s film  will make everyone – or no one  – happy !!

This 2011 British documentary  was  directed by


Keith Allen.

It  investigates whether Princess Diana’s death was an unlawful killing or a cover up by the British establishment.

It focuses on the Inquest into  the car crash  deaths of Diana and Dodi Fayed in Paris,  on 31 August 1997.

In 2012 the film was banned in the UK when, because of   potential libel lawsuits,

lawyers instructed producers to make 87 cuts if they wanted to show it in Britain.

Instead it was screened  at the Cannes Film Festival

Allen wrote

“So rather than butcher the film, or risk legal action, we’re showing it in France, then the US, and everywhere except the UK.”

Allen, a much respected and well liked actor, comedian and filmmaker in the UK,  approached every UK broadcaster to fund the television documentary  but found all doors closed to him.


Mohamed Al Fayed ended up funding the film which cost £2.5 million to produce

He was born in 1933 in Alexandria, Egypt where his father was a professor of Arabic, and his grandfather was a merchant

He is the father of Dodi, Diana’s lover who also died in the car crash .

The film  has never been seen by the British public.

This is your chance to see the uncut version! Don’t miss it!






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