First ever Republican Speaker in Stormont – January 2015

sinn fein mep

A Sinn Fein Speaker in Stormont

For the first time ever!!! Since  Belfast existed!!
Since Stormont Parliament was constituted in 1920!

After 95 years

The role of Speaker finally passes into the hands of a person representing 45% of the population who vote Nationalist and Republican

Unionist hegemony ends

ends begins

and a new day dawns in Northern Ireland

nail in coffin

Another nail in the coffin of Unionist/Orange hegemony

We were expecting this

We  told you about the Requiem last year

How did a Republican Speaker come about?

Back in Ian Paisley’s time


it was agreed Sinn Fein could take on the role of Speaker, half-way through the current Assembly term,

Wasn’t that a couple of years ago? There’s an election coming up this May.

dup banner

The DUP refused to back him

dup leaflet1

until a dispute over welfare reform was resolved.

Which it was in the Stormont House Disagreement


So he’ll be Speaker only for a few months?

Yes. But as Mitchel McLaughlin (69) a former Sinn Féin general secretary from the Bogside in Derry, said

It is a new beginning that there is somebody from a broad nationalist/republican tradition in this position. History is being made.

tuv logo

MLAs should hang their heads in shame over the decision“.

SDLP and UUP  described his nomination as “a DUP/ Sinn Fein power-carve up”

parnell citation


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