Stormont House Disagreement?

Happy New Year to you all!

As the first day dawns in 2015 how are politics progressing in NI?

sinn fein

Sinn Fein ratified the Stormont House Agreement.

They accepted

* progress in defending the most vulnerable against the Tory welfare and budget cuts

* progress with regard to flags, the past and parading

They admitted there was more to do at a community, political and national level to resolve these matters.

They did not get

*A bill of rights

*An Irish language act

*An  inquiry into the killing of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane.

sdlp club

we were disappointed

alliance logo

it fell short of what was needed

Update 8/1/2015:  Alliance Party ratification. The Executive

Repeated  the Agreement fell short of the public’s ambitions on key issues such as parades and flags

Emphasised the importance of implementing the proposals fully and quickly.

Questioned the willingness of other parties to meet the commitments in the Agreement.


dup banner

Peter Robinson said he would be recommending the document to his party executive.

uup banner

 there were no negotiations around parades”.
Mike Nesbitt said he would ask his own party to give the agreement “a fair wind“.

So no news of ratification from the Unionists!!


Dr Haass blamed his failure to reach agreement was due to the Unionists largely lacking leadership
And that’s not surprising because there was a feeling that change would disadvantage them. I think the republicans and the nationalists were more willing to entertain the possibility of change.”


See how Unionists/Loyalists display 

leadership qualiteis

tuv logo

The TUV  reaction to the Stormont House Agreement –

Bitter complaints about involvement of the Dublin Government in the internal affairs of Northern Ireland

Queries: Has no one told them yet it’s been on-going for almost 30 years since the 1985 Anglo-Irish Agreement?

And there’s no point in complaining about it?

leadership qualiteis


DUP Nelson Mc Causland, chair of Stormont’s culture, arts and leisure committee

*Complained about the Sean South and Fergal O’Hanlon commemorations and the support people showed  nearly 60 years ago after they were killed in an attack on Brookeborough RUC barracks on New Year’s Day 1957.

*Objected to the song Sean South of Garryowen which was written by Sean Costello, founder of the Irish Republlican Socialist Party.

starry plough

The Wolfe Tones made this song famous throughout the world.

The air of the song is ”Roddy McCorley”

Comment: And the Orange Order want traditional marches?

leadership qualiteis

jeffrey donaldson

DUP MP Jeffrey Donaldson

*Objected to a  Westminster law about  having the Union Flag

on new driving licences issued to motorists in Great Britain

He said that that excluding NI was “highly regrettable“.
It is an issue we will be raising with the Department of Transport in London,”

1690 stickers

Queries: Doesn’t he know it’s the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland?

Doesn’t he know  Westminster can decide where and how its laws apply?

And some might apply only to Great Britain?

Hint: That’s the big island and archipelago to the east of Ireland (north and south) 

leadership qualiteis

blind orangemen

The Orange Order 

The Northern Ireland Office decided not to set up a panel to resolve deadlock over a contentious Orange Order march along part of the Crumlin Road in North Belfast

twadell camp3


An Orange Order spokesperson said Grand Lodge


is extremely concerned and will be meeting with unionist political representatives at the earliest opportunity after the Christmas holidays to discuss the seriousness of the situation, created by a weak Secretary of State”.

Comment: Unionists/Loyalists are certainly rising to the challenge of proactively promoting the Union and supporting the Westminster Government


2 thoughts on “Stormont House Disagreement?

  1. And a Very Happy New Year to you and yours Ben – Hope it brings you much good karma. Apologies for the belated greeting, i’ve been under the weather due to a number of illnesses i have (Fibromyalgia being just one of many) – and my 6th Christmas/5 and a half years abstaining certainly wasn’t a factor.
    Hence, i’m playing ‘catch-up’ with my mail. Very interesting one you’ve put together there, to start the year (one thing that’s playing on my mind at the moment – is how the Unionists will ‘play their hand’ in the forthcoming General Election in the UK – which could go any way, with all the shenanigans going on over there – Kippers (“A big empty hole waiting for stupid people to fall into” – as John Lydon said recently), splitting the voting patterns. – Part of me (the one that’s had an eye on Politics over there since my very early teens – and will be hitting the half-century later this year – haven’t (can’t?!) get my head round that yet!) – even thinks there may be another ‘snap’ Election later in the year. Whatever the case, i’m thinking that the DUP etc will pull the old ‘scratch our backs’ ruse. as they have done in the past, to help the Tories over the ‘finish-line’ – and that’s one of the major reasons for their intransigence so far – they’re hoping and waiting for the chance / opportunity to help the Con-servatives gain a majority. (And my heart goes out to my friends, the already struggling, the disabled, the already defeated, the – or nearly there, the NHS etc – if they get in – and for another 5 long painful, lie-filled years.
    As regards the driving licences by the way, i can see what a clamour it caused, and much consternation to whatever % readers it has, – not ONE comment via the Belfast Telegraph readers!
    And to finish – a GIF that was a marvellous and highly amusing New Year gift – that made me laugh out loud! – nice one Ben!
    My body-clock’s a bit ‘wonky’ – going to try and get the head down, 8 meds finally working.
    Will be clicking on your later mailings asap – and, as always, looking forward to them!

    Best Wishes, and once again, All The Best – and thanks for your excellent political discourse.



  2. sorry to hear you are so unwell John and have to take such heavy medication. Here’s hoping 2015 brings you better health as I am sure that’s what you really want and need this year.
    Any way, in answer to your thoughts and questions about the 2015 UK general election, I’ve just published another post on it which I hope you like
    to be honest I think UK politicians are focussed on the island of great britain. They aren’t really interested in NI and they certainly aren’t interested in the DUP and other Unionist groupings particularly because, as we saw above, they do their best to exert lack of compliance with Westminster policies whenever they can.

    best for the moment


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