Stormont – Ourselves Alone!!!

carsons statue at stormont

Stormont  is in the townland of Ballymiscaw

stormont clouds

The most satisfactory interpretation of the place-name is Baile Lios na Scáth

ghost figure

townland of the fort of the shadows or spectres’.

Are there shadowy figures around Stormont?



What spectres haunt the house on the hill?


the scream


What drove Mr Cameron and Mr Kenny to such precipitatous flight the other day?


Here’s what they said  to the press as they left Stormont well  ahead of  schedule

First 8 minutes or so.

In emphasizing the need for local NI politicians to come to a creditable agreement Mr Cameron reiterated  a constant Westminster position since the days of Harold Wilson as prime minister, if not before

He was not impressed by local politicians’ progress on parades, flags and legacy of the past  as well as the financial issue.

Indeed when he  was presented with one of the finance papers drawn up by the NI executive parties, he allegedly held it by a corner “as if it was a dirty nappy“.



Mr Robinson said

If he wants to bribe us, to bribe us with our own money comes a bit short.

You might  remember  Prime Minister Harold Wilson  described
Ulster Unionists as “spongers”  in 1974

And now back up to the origins of Stormont’s name

NB:  the verb miscaw – in English miscall.

Meanings: speak ill of, slander, disparage, scold, address abusively …

So no change there

Comment: The DUP appear to have “discussed” but not “negotiated” while Sinn Fein “asked for past agreements to be implemented“.

stormont give way


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