Hunger and The UK Working Class


Here’s what Tories say about the people who are affected by the Westminster Government’s Welfare Reforms (read cuts)

One of the principal causes of food poverty is that

poor people do not know how to cook.
A large bowl of porridge costs 4p. A large bowl of sugary cereals will cost you 25p.
The poor can’t budget, can’t cook and  won’t cook

If it were not for the food banks and faith groups plugging the gaps left by the state, we would have had people starving.

People are happy to sit pointing the judgemental finger because the Government and the media have perpetuated the myth that everyone on benefits is a scrounger.

on other hand 2


on the other hand

It’s hard to cook when you’re too poor to afford food

It’s hard to budget with fuck all in your pocket

With the cost of heating the porridge I’m sure it’s not 4p

Home cooked meals are great, if you can afford the gas or electricity bills to go with it.

Some food bank clients are so poor they cannot afford to switch on their cooker.

Others live in private rented accommodation where landlords equip the kitchen with only a microwave oven or a single-ring cooker.

People  used food banks  because of “poverty pay, welfare and benefit changes – namely unfair sanctions and benefit delays”.

NB Doctors mention the huge rise in malnutrition in hospital admissions.


In the past the UK had a Welfare State with a supportive safety net. Now it has  a harsh and punitive regime.

Listen to the reality of one 35 year old man  in England

Then tell me it’s a


unionist X mas wreath


Take-Home Messages:

The UK has got form in starving the Irish (Famine) and the Scots (Highland Clearances) when it suits.

Support Sinn Fein (SF) and the Scottish National Party (SNP) as they attempt to protect the people of Northern Ireland and Scotland



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