From IRA man to Lawyer


kieran conway

This is the story of a law student, turned rough tough Provie, who turned away from the movement, came back and  turned away again to resume his   law studies

Is it a work of fiction?

No, an autobiography


Kieran Conway grew up in  Killiney, Dublin and was   educated at Blackrock College and UCD. He was  headed for a career in the law and a  comfortable life.

In 1970, he decided that he wanted to join the IRA, any IRA because  the North of Ireland was exploding in resistance to the Orange State.

Conway had two spells in the IRA, from 1970 to 1975 and from 1981 to 1993. His career in the Provos took him to the IRA’s GHQ Staff as Director of Intelligence via a spell on active service in Derry at a time when Martin McGuinness was a rising military star, and some jail time in Long Kesh, imprisoned on an arms charge.

What happened to him in the end?

He  now works as  a solicitor in Dublin.

What does he say about being in the IRA?

Listen to  how he describes  his life on active service in the IRA…8251%3A0%3A

and   some other personal facts and convictions  in a little more depth

How does Mr Conway sum up his experience?

The conflict“, he  says, “was a waste of life“.

We fought for Irish unity and what they (the Provisional IRA) settled for was partition and that’s not what I fought for,” he said.

“It was a complete waste and not what IRA volunteers fought and died for.

But he says he is opposed to new dissident terror groups.

What they are doing is utterly futile. If the Provisional IRA didn’t achieve a united Ireland, then they certainly won’t. They are only causing needless heartache to their victims and to the communities and families from where they come.

kieran conway

The story of his life as an IRA activist is told in  ‘Southside Provisional – From Freedom Fighter to the Four Courts’ ( Nov 19th by Orpen Press).

It’s sure to be an interesting read

Authors/Editors Kieran Conway
ISBN 9781909895553
Publication Date November 2014

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