Christmas Gift Round-UP for all True Shinners

Never think The Mirror neglects any true Sinn Feiner

Dear friends  there’s no need to wreck your brains searching for novelties for that loved one in Sinn Fein!

We saw their

letter to santa

before the DUP could use it as toilet paper and before  it went up in smoke

leter up chimney

Sinn Fein  doesn’t want any new-fangled gadgets like

corporate tax

the  Corporation Tax Game

There are a lot of other things they’re asking Santa for!

Plenty to choose from or you can all club together and get them everything

Dear Santy,
please can we have
An Acht na Gaeilge (an Irish Language Act),
the Civic Forum,
an all-island Consultative Forum,
the North South implementation bodies
a Bill of Rights.
Adequate means to deal with our legacy from the past
And if you’re feeling extra generous you could throw in the odd Long Kesh Reconciliation Centre –

Those EU people said they might still find the money so all we really need is the OK to go ahead
Gerry and Marty

santa gets letter

PS Will Uncle Dave and Uncle Enda be doing Santa this year?


santa pulls sleigh


        Or are they pulling the sleigh ?

santa lega

Is Grandpaw Hart coming down the chimney?

DUP says

dup response

PPS Those Uncles of ours and Grandpaw have been promising us  all this for years.

It’s time we got what we really, really want.

Otherwise why should we bother being good?




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