Christmas Gift Round-Up for all true Loyalists

No need to search the shaps! We know what Santy’s bringing Ulster!

Never think The Mirror neglects any true Loyalist!

breaking news


santa and orange order

Ulster says Ho Ho Ho’

Is Santa visiting Cavan Donegal and Monaghan as well?

paisley no

Santy has

ornge santa

a huge Ornge  Beg

pressies in union flag

All the pressies are wrapped in the Union Flag

He knows if you’ve been bad or good.

Who’s been toutin to Santa?


What do our Loyalist Fleggers want for Christmas? 

fleg down

Dear Santy, can we have the fleg back please?

So what’s Santa bringing?

The Loyalist Christmas Dinner

Where are you having that?

The Lock Keepers Inn

brit bunting

festooned with   bunting and flags

What’s on the menu?

Main Course: Twadell Tripe

Why  serve Twadell Tripe  at the Xmas dinner?

Because the  Drumcree Chicken didn’t go down well last year.

What’s Drumcree chicken?

Micks at one end, Oranges in the other.

Why not Coronation Chicken?

Because there were views about the  William and Katie Land sauce.

Why didn’t they opt for the Duck a l’Orange?

Because they wanted Curry my chicken and yoghurt.

What’s for dessert?

uj cupcakes

True blue cupcakes and an  old fashioned Orange Tart commonly known as  . . .

What else?

Santy’s bringing Union Jack Crackers

union jack crackers

with paper hats and riddles.

Like what?

uj party hats 1

Q. Why was it named Drumcree chicken?

A: Because it wasn’t coming back up.

uj party hat 2

Q. Why didnt the Drumcree Chicken cross the Garvaghy Road? 

A. Because of those bastards in the Parades Commission didn’t  allow it to walk down!

uj party hats 3



Q.Why didn’t the Twaddell chicken cross the road?

A: Coz it was stuck to the Drumcree chicken

uj party hat 4

What else is Santy bringing  Ulster?

A new Board Game for all the Loyalist family

loyalist game

Roll the dice – see who gets home first!

Flegmas is not Flegmas without it!!

and while they’re playing, the Loyalest Loyalists will be listening to



uj santa

because Santa is a Unionist

the real big meaningful Christmas Gift for Loyalists  is a  new coat

1912 coats

To  trail around  neighbourhoods where they’re not welcome?

coat trailing

unionist X mas wreath


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