Christmas Gift Round-Up for all true Unionists


black friday

With Black Friday scrimmage behind us and

ad cal

the Advent calendar before us

Here’s our first annual round-up of ideal gifts for all our Unionist/Loyalist friends and supporters – whoever and wherever they may be in the UK

Never think The Mirror neglects you!

not otgethr

Our first port of call is the beleagured 55% majority in Scotland who, like all true Unionists,


punch weight

are convinced they  punch above their weight.

Here’s  the Union Jack Onesie

UK onesie

the perfect gift for your Better Together loved one.

The Union Jack Onesie boasts

1) deep pockets for receiving funds from our benevolent neighbours,

2) a padded bottom for anyone getting a sore arse sitting on the fence and

3) a sewn-in remote control pocket, handy for those party political broadcasts (no need to press the blue button though)

Special feature:  all those pesky dissenting voices have already been removed so you enjoy party political broadcasts  in complete comfort.

This fabulous One Nation Onesie is the stylish must-have accessory for any celebrating No voter this festive season.

Machine washable, just set to spin.

[Note: all your statutory rights have been affected.]

unionist X mas wreath

Sincere thanks to Bella Caledonia,

who have seen and done it all before!


PS All gift suggestions welcomed for the NI Uber-Brit Loyalists  and the Orange Order who will be featuring in coming weeks as Advent Advances!!

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged!


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