Do Parnell’s words still echo in Irish minds?

The Smith Commission has published its thoughts on the VOW


which promised substantial, extensive  new powers to Scotland on the eve of the Referendum



It received  a mixed reception.


For an expert analysis see

In any case nothing has actually been granted. This is only a proposal which will not be addressed until after the 2015 General Election.

So the issue of devo max/Home Rule for Scotland   and how far the Smith Commission proposals fulfil the promises made in the VOW, has been booted into the long grass marked somebody else’s problem.

When thinking about how this will shake down for Scotland please bear these figures  from Glasgow in mind

*1)  22 November:  some 3,000 people attended the Radical Independence Conference.

We have already reported Bernadette Devlin Mc Aliskey’s speech

And here’s another VOW that was made that day


*2) 22 November:   More than 10,000 listened to Scotland’s new first minister, Nicola Sturgeon talk about her agenda for Scotland.

SNP membership is reportedly around 100,ooo –  up by 75,000 since the vote

SNP are now the third biggest political party in the UK, with membership  still increasing at an encouraging rate .


*3) 25 November: Jim Murphy MP, favourite inleadership contest for  the Scottish branch of the British Labour Party,  unveiled his agenda in the Mitchell Library to an  audience of 60 Labour activists.

*4) The results of this week’s  Aberdeenshire By-Election in Scotland:

LIB 141
SNP 1159
Lab 140
GRN 68
Ind 43
Ind 391
Con 574


Comment: Charles Stewart Parnell said it all in 1885.


No man has the right to fix the boundary to the march of a nation.
No man has the right to say to his country “Thus far shalt thou go and no further”

Featured Image -- 5649

Without the help of the people our exertions would be as nothing.


Comment: MAY 2015: It will be Scotland’s turn to let Westminster know where it stands.

Query:         Do Parnell’s words still echo in Irish minds?


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