The Ten Commandments of the DUP

DUP MLAs and MPs abuse Irish speakers, Republicans and Nationalists   because

• 1)  we have the right to behave in whatever way we choose  in our own “wee pravince”of NI

interfering freedom of speech


Gregory ” We will never agree to your Irish language Act. Do you understand?The paper that your wish list is written on, well, we just regard it as toilet paper.


• 2)   NI belongs only to us

promised land

Peter: “the DUP’s in charge and we are here to stay”.

The DUP is not just the right choice to represent Northern Ireland; we are the only real choice,”


• 3)  We  make all decisions.

Gregory 2012: •it is entirely inappropriate for the SF Education Minister to sanction a politically motivated television advert in Irish”

• 4) We  use violence and emotional abuse to control any opposition


loyalists an phoblacht


Gregory  warns  Sinn fein “You better get used to it because we are going to confront your agenda if you decide to try and further that agenda in the face of the majority community in this province”.


• 5) A ‘real’ Unionist is tough and powerful

gladiators dev

Peter: We have shown that we are tough and we are determined


• 6) We are entitled to respect from Catholics, Republicans, Nationalists and Irish speakers.

pecking order


Gregory: “We can’t have Sinn Féin lecturing us about the need to recognise their culture .”

“Peter: As we move forward the imperative must be to restore that essential, ‘respect and tolerance’ principle.

Trevor Lunn Alliance party:” They ask for respect for their culture, yet they can’t do the same for others.


•7)  We should not have to tolerate a Fenian about the place


thumb down


Peter: Today, the DUP is the only party setting the political agenda in Northern Ireland.


•8) We are  so, so important

all about me


Peter: this party leads unionism and the administration at Stormont and in six months’ time we could be critical to the formation of the national government as well,


•9)  We do not  take responsibility for our behaviour



because  a)  Sinn Fein provoked us

Violation of the the central requirement that everyone respect and show tolerance for the culture and traditions of others by Sinn Fein, the SDLP and the Alliance Party when they tore down the Union Flag at City Hall triggered a slump in working relations at Stormont.


That breach was compounded by the failure of republicans to accept the right of Orangemen

to complete a five minute walk to their own hall after a Twelfth of July parade.;set=vb.167750270096599&amp;type=2&amp;theater</p>


or b)  we make excuses for our behaviour:

Peter ”lighten up, it’s just a joke” .




•10)  We minimise the impact of our behaviour on 46% of the population of NI and make fools of the UK, ROI and USA governments.

mind over matter

The integrity of current political talks in Northern Ireland have been called into question by a senior DUP man’s remarks that the DUP would treat Sinn Fein’s “entire wish list” as no more than toilet paper.

Mr O’Dowd said this suggested that current talks were “going nowhere”.

It also suggested the DUP had been “peddling a myth” they were involved in serious negotiation”.


DUP and Loyalists  have a lot in common with wife-beaters


kidnapped girl


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