Scot2Scot Launch, Catalonia referendum and Curried Yogurt


Here’s the statement of Scot2Scot’s  aims and methods.



Note the link ups with all forms of social media

scot2scot portal map

Sinn Fein already uses all these forms of communication –

Maybe they could be linked closer in the type of network portal  Scot2Scot has set up?

Would it serve to enable cross-talk among cumanns and party leadership , strengthen grass-root activities and deliver maximum votes?


As the Scots regroup after the NO vote in their Referendum and maybe push towards another one,

Catalonia’s voting on its Independence this Sunday 9th November.

Gael Force Art got busy sending a Solidarity Message  from Belfast.



yes catalonia


The rest of us in Northern Ireland are still trying to digest Orange Order member,

campbell orangeman

Westminster MP for the DUP,   Gregory Campbell’s

form of communication

and his disgusting “curried yoghurt”

Yogurt Curry (Thair Curry)

with its floating blobs of bigotry and distorted


bitter orange

bitter  orange world-view and perceptions

Any chance of replacing him in Westminster with a pro-Ireland MP?


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