Scot2Scot- Westminster there’s a storm coming

What is Scot2scot?

A communications portal consisting of  website, two facebook central groups (one for news and media), a twitter account and a youtube channel all under the scot2scot banner.

Who’s organising it?

Some Scottish people



Who is Scot2scot  for? 

Constituency groups made up of people of all pro-Scotland parties and none.

Why was it formed?

To support all pro-Scotland parties (SNP, Greens, SSP) in their campaign for seat  in all 59 Scottish constituencies in the UK 2015 General Election

What’s their aim?

To return as many pro-Scotland MP’s to Westminster as humanly possible and in doing so get Scotland’s agenda on to the table.

How are they going to do that?

By assisting  pro-Scotland sitting MPs  to  campaign and  hold on to their seats

If the sitting MP is  a Unionist, all possible assistance will be given to the pro-Scotland candidate most likely to challenge the pro-Westminster MP and win the seat.

How does Scot2scot work?

In each constituency, suitable persons  will run a local group under the banner. They  will be able to call on help from other constituency members.

With 59 local facebook groups the portal will  identify  areas with strong, experienced members and  others that are weaker due to lack of  experience on the ground.

It will   support the strong and help the weak campaigners to gain strength. . There will be he  simple, friendly training sessions which will be easy to follow.

The facebook groups will be able to give and  take information from the central groups and  each other .

When’s it starting?

Remember, remember the 5th of November

The pages, website and everything else will open at 12 noon on the 5th.

What can I do?

To start with   sign up and support the initiative at

because it’ll work only if it gets the support of the people.

Extending outwards?

Might other UK parties that are standing in the 2015 General Election

( Labour,  Conservatives, UKIP,Lib-Dem, Plaid Cymru, Sinn Fein, the DUP, UUP , Greens and  TUV)

be interested in a similar support network  for their candidates?






5 thoughts on “Scot2Scot- Westminster there’s a storm coming

  1. David

    the links to your professional background were included to demonstrate you had the know-how to set up the scot2scot network.
    Since you objected to them, they have now been removed from the post.
    They were easily found on Facebook and i can assure you I have absolutely no ability to hack anything!!
    If you still object to the rest of the post (which is fully supportive of your initiative),and intend to call the Police please do let me know.
    Needless to say I hope you will review your decision in light of this information
    best regards


    • hi ben
      davids concerns are the last coment in the page re sinn fein …we at scot2scot have no intrest in irish politics and have no association with said orginisation …we would appreciate it if you truly are supporting our initiative would you edit out the refrence to sinn fein as we have all work long and hard for the launch if scot2scot and this implied association could be damaging to us …we again repeat that we have no intrest in irish politics and no association with the above mentioned orginisation scot2scot and its admin and creators cannot stress this enough …the above post with davids company and image attatched were not sanctioned but us or him in any way and we would greatly appreciate an amendment of the above page by adding this coment to the article it implys these are our views which they are not
      pls understand the implications this has crested for us and act acordingly


      debs x


  2. Debs
    thanks for your reply. As the page was intended to support a valid initiative it has been amended to ensure the message is clear,
    I am confident every reader is aware of the image scot2scot is creating for itself.
    best regards


    • thank you so much ben that has made it more inclusive cross party/uk ….wide …..we all desire change and I hope others will think before voting in the next election


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