Cats, Ireland today and the Uber-Brits

In the historic 1918 Election Sinn Féin achieved 476,087 votes. That was in the immediate aftermath of the 1916 Rising.


alley cats

This year they surpassed that with 483,113.( But do factor in population changes  )

Meanwhile DAY 445 as the Orange Order  attempt to walk ( home?)  past Ardoyne





Lots of convincing arguments there for maintaining the Union!!

same old

Same old, same old

After Scotland voted to maintain the Union



We even  saw Rule Britannia being proposed, together with Nazi-style salutes  –

past history style – Didn’t the Allies fight the Nazis ? Once, long ago, before you and I were born?

Didn’t Britannia rule the waves?Once, long ago, before you and I were born?

Now Britannia just waives the rules

What do the voting patterns for Sinn Fein and Scottish Independence  mean?


no hamster


deal with it

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