Scotland’s Farewell to Labour (or Liebour)

Johann Lamont,  Leader of the British Labour ( or Liebour ) Party in Scotland resigned last night.

Did the news come as a surprise?

Did she go because of a drop in support for the party?  After  Scotland said


here are the Scottish voting intentions for the May 2015 UK general election :

SNP 42.0% (+3.2)
Labour 26.1% (+0.3)
Conservatives 16.0% (-3.4)
Liberal Democrats 6.0% (-1.8)
Greens 4.7% (+1.8)
UKIP 3.7% (-1.7)

Predicted Seats : SNP 46, LAB 11, CON 1, LIB 1

according to the latest Poll of Polls ( based on  Scottish subsamples from seven GB-wide polls – four from YouGov, two from Populus and one from Ashcroft).

Labour could pay a high price in next year’s general election, significantly in the greater Glasgow area, where voters in 12 Labour constituencies backed independence.

Before the referendum on Scottish independence Johann Lamont said

Surprised Liebour is haemorrhaging votes in Scotland?

Afterwards  Ms Lamont  replied


Here’s what happened to a typical Labour Voter in Scotland over the years in the run-up to the Referendum

And here’s what they think and feel now!

bad language

or as former English teacher, Johann Lamont might say

english teacher

Upon resigning Ms Lamont accused some Scottish Labour MPs at Westminster of being too concerned about their own interests

and failing to realise that the “focus of Scottish politics is now Holyrood, not Westminster.

“We must be allowed to make our own decisions and control our own resources.”

“Any leader whose general secretary can be removed by London without any consultation is in an untenable position. That has to change.

The Scottish Labour Party should work as equal partners with the UK party, just as Scotland is an equal partner in the United Kingdom. Scotland has chosen home rule – not London rule.

I am standing down so that the debate our country demands can take place.”

Query: So why didn’t she support Independence? Doesn’t she realise the debate ended in September?


Queries: Did she  resign? Was she  sacked? Are her comments about London  interference just a wee bit of revenge?

Did she suddenly realise that the British Labour Party in Scotland was just  a branch office of London?

Did she really think  she was in charge of a non-existent party called Scottish Labour?

What really  happened  at the first meeting of the Smith Commission on Scottish Devo-max ?

stabbed in the back (female)

Had Ms Largaret  Curran, close friend since they had been  at university together,  been briefing against her?

Was Ian Price, the general secretary of Scottish Labour,  to be removed from office without her being consulted?

Was Ed  Miliband personally affronted when he was asked by Lamont’s office to play a low-key role in the final stages of the referendum campaign?

Ms Lamont  might even have said  “I didn’t see this coming”

She was probably the only one!!

PS Ed Miliband has been warned that the sudden resignation of Labour’s Scottish leader has left the party in a state of crisis

that could have a “catastrophic” impact on his chances of becoming prime minister next year.

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