Hope over Fear – Yew Choob’s back!!

We thought we’d heard their last song and seen their last video just before Scottish Referendum Day
Ninja Penguin was going to retire and Jock was going to make knitting videos….
Well, we tried to be as ‘nice’ as we could be pre 18/09/2014 despite what the Yes side of the Scottish independence referendum debate had to put up with.
Now we have seen what really lurks under the surface of unionist Britain, the evidence is clear, we will be watching and commenting as we see fit. No apologies offered

Thousands of people are expected at the

hope over fear


which has been organised to maintain the momentum of the 45% of the Scottish people who voted Yes in the recent referendum.

The grassroots social media movement ” We Are the 45%” has already amassed over 176,000 likes on facebook from people determined to keep the dream of independence alive.

And here’s what the crowd looked like this afternoon

hope over fear 3


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