Conjecture and Lies


The Scottish Referendum was rigged and eurofree3 promotes bigotry

tin foil hat

a) Could it have happened?


b) Apart from vote rigging, as we already mentioned,the Celtic League has voiced its concerns to the UN about improper UK behaviour.

The UK signed and ratified the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) which  undue manipulation and intereference into the Scottish Referendum  could have breached. The Celtic League cites the following concerns:

1) The UK Government (although having stated the decision was for the Scottish people) solicited foreign governments and senior officials of International bodies such as NATO and the EU to attempt to influence the process
2) UK State parties actively solicited businesses i.e. Supermarkets and banks to influence the process.
3) Three UK political parties outlined additional powers (‘The Vow’) to voters after the electoral process had started i.e. after postal ballots had been cast.

bullshit detected

c) This did happen!

Mention of the Celtic League letter caused a storm of denignation on comments to the  Open Democracy article

Big business bypassed democracy in the Scottish referendum

Query: Who by ?

Answer: Ulster Unionists – who else?  The same poster also claimed  that

  promoting bigotry and intolerance 3 days ago, is a disgrace

Query – just for telling the truth as reported by several mass media sources?


yes of course


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